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There are several different types of reiki sessions that you can experience with Tunisia Ali. Each type targets a specific area related to your overall wellness and prosperity plan. Choose from the varying types below and book your session today. 

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

You might be shocked to know that a distance reiki session is just as effective (if not more) than a face-2-face session. Experience the miraculous nature of this concept from a distance, no matter where you are in the world. You'll, no doubt, be amazed and experience deep healing at a distance. Kids, as well as pets are welcome. 



Twin Reiki Session:  For 50 minutes or 80 minutes
Share the gift of reiki with your 'twin flame' or your 'bestie'. Heal side-by-side in a loving environment of singing bowls, restorative tones, aromatherapy,  and the flow of life force energies and high vibrations. Experience the ambience of healing with a loved one and mixing auras, intentions, and healing energies. Receive your own personal energy scan and consult, but share in one another's healing and renewal!! Request a reiki session for you and a partner, friend, or lover in the same room at same time. Enjoy mutual healing!! Book online on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. A deluxe session for includes a relationship tarot reading ($300)


Standard Reiki Session : 50 or 80 minutes

During this 50 min. session, a body scan is performed and which carries information about particular energy centers in your body that carry disharmony energy. In most cases, the actual hands-on treatment starts at the crown chakra and continues down through the root chakra. The session concludes with treating the feet and/or lower extremities. In some cases, certain chakras are overloaded or possess such dense energy that the session requires that I treat those areas first, or spend more time in those areas, at the expense of other energy centers. However, all areas will be treated during this session.

Targeted Reiki Session: 

Sometimes a client comes to me knowing they are dealing with a particular physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenge and wants to spend half or more of the 50 min. session focusing on that area. In this instance, we determine the corresponding chakra and after a brief scan and mini chakra balancing session, we work to eliminate the stagnate or disorder energy related to their particular ailment by spending the majority of the session time working with that energy center.

Traditional Komyo Reiki Session: 50min or 90 min.

This session is for the individual that presents with a specific health challenge and wants to spend their session treating only that area. This allows me to follow the byosen's peaks and valleys through the entire 50-55 min. or 80-85 min. period. This kind of session is a good choice for ailments such as tumors, fibroids, broken bones, post-surgery healing, headaches, back pain, etc. A person dealing with specific areas of the body that present chronic health challenges is a good candidate for this type of healing. In these cases, a particular health situation needs to be arrested. A client should commit to a minimum of 1 session a week. The recommendation is for either 2 (50 min.) reiki sessions a week or 1-80minute session weekly for at least a 3 month period. The greater the frequency, the faster the improvement of the condition. 

Chakra Balancing 
The chakra balancing session involves a full balancing of all chakras with crystal, affirmations, a guided meditation, targeted aromatherapy, singing bowls, and more. Schedule this session to give your chakra's a boost and to get an in-depth handout of some of the things you can do to continue balancing while at home. 


Emotional/Mental Healing Session: 
Often times,  our pain is not physical. We recognize suppressed emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, or anxiety as responsible for holding us back. Or, we may need to embrace new habits, heal addictions, or enhance other consciousness engineering we may be doing already. This particular session targets the emotional and mental causes of a symptom, as well as helps to heal the mental or emotional problem a client may be experiencing. 

Clearing Money Blocks Session: 
Always, our belief systems govern our lives. Our beliefs are simply the thoughts that are replayed in our minds and regularly affirmed. However, it's these belief systems that determine the level of reality we experience. All of us are impacted by our limited ways of viewing reality and are called to shine the light of awareness on them because they limit the flow of prosperity into our lives.  The clearing money blocks session targets the subconscious programming that has been encoded into your psyche from years of negative thinking related to how you were socialized by society, media, your parents, and your own limited thinking paradigms. During the session, we go into your energy field, connect you to source energy, acknowledge these blocks, determine their root, transmute them, and open you up to abundance. You feel lighter having these emotional and mental blocks cleared, and will notice a change in your circumstances. There is a download you must secure from me prior to the session that must be completed and brought with you to the session. Once you book your session, I will forward the download to you. 


Worthiness and Self-Love Session: 
Your sense of self-worth impacts your self-esteem and your ability to love yourself, have self-acceptance and experience the confidence and courage you need to be able to take your life in the direction of your desires. You sense of worthiness or lack thereof is a major factor in determining the quality of the relationships you attract, the opportunities you are able to take advantage, of and the level to which prosperity and abundance can flow into your life. During this session, we activate the cosmic energy within you, endeavor to identify the harmful blocks you experience, connect you with their roots, and transmute these blocks-opening you to a new level of experience. There is a download you must secure from me prior to the session that must be completed and brought with you to the session. Once you book your session, I will forward the download to you. 

* Sessions always begin with the client and remain with the client face-up, unless a particular ailment requires otherwise or the client requests to be face up during only part of the session, and would like to have a treatment done face down as well. All sessions include aromatherapy, singing bowls, and a brief centering guided meditation with deep breathing. Distance sessions do not include singing bowls. 

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