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Often times, we find ourselves in a phase of growth in our lives where we need outside expertise. We may be trying to do something new and hitting a wall or having to work too hard to reinvent the wheel. This is when we need the expertise of someone who has already traversed the path we are trying to take. It is with this decision to invest in ourselves and our endeavor by securing a guide-on-the-side or a consultant that we realize there is no need to reinvent the wheel. As a professional educator, speaker, author, energy healer, life coach, mentor , workshop facilitator, and successful entrepreneur of over 15 years, I have gained a world of experience and the expertise within the fields that I have functioned in professionally. As well, I continue to invest in myself with continued learning opportunities and skills-building experiences that enrich my life and the lives of others. There are an array of consultative-type services that you may avail yourself of depending on your personal situation. Some clients need a one-time consultative session to gain direction and a plan for moving forward. Others require several sessions over a period of time in order to feel confident or to gain the skills and advice they feel they need in order to move forward. In either scenario, I can assist you in meeting your goals. Each session is typically one hour and is centered around what it is that you want to accomplish and advice and expertise that I can provide that is experiential. All sessions begin with base rate of $225.00 for the session. If you require additional support such as business planning, detailed how-to-scenarios, assistance with proposals or more personalized services, extra fees are associated. Book a consultative session today if I can be of assistance. Give me a call, shoot me a text or shoot me an email if you require additional clarification. Book your personalized consultative session today using the 'other services' link on the Book Online page. 

Are You Starting a Business?











I have successfully run several different businesses within the last 15 years. Currently, I successfully run a private healing and coaching practice and a tutoring enterprise along with having established multiple other streams of income. I understand what it takes to be a flourishing and enterprising self-employed woman. I love sharing advice, tips and how-to information with those women who are sincerely poised to put their effort and heart into building an enterprise or an empire. If you are interested in becoming a heart-based entrepreneur and need help with how to get started, what things you need to focus on, marketing, identifying your niche, and other business necessities, set up a consultative session with me and we can dig into the details of what it is you seek to accomplish. We can identify what the best path for you to pursue is, the logistics involved, and the steps to getting the important things done. Book your consultative session today using the 'other services' link on the Book Online page. 

Need Curriculum Advice, a Homeschooling Parent or Interested in a Homeschool/Private School Co-op?















Having run a successful school for over a decade, having had a professional and educational background as a certified educator in the state of Georgia, and having worked as a curriculum developer in the private sector for a number of years, I am well experienced with school management and leadership concerns. I have specific experience with curriculum planning, design and implementation, issues of staff and classroom management, operational concerns, quality teaching and learning paradigms, reporting structures, and instructional delivery and logistics, etc. Whether you need assistance with individual educational planning for your child(ren) or something more robust such as help with brainstorming the requirements for establishing an educational plan for a community of students, I can help bring clarity to any concerns and questions you may have and get you on the path to taking action.  Book your consultative session today using the 'other services' link on the Book Online page. 

Writing Your Own Book?










Authoring your own work and bringing the most authentic part of you to the world is a labor of love. It is a wonderful sense of accomplishment to finish such a huge personal project, share it with others, and establish yourself as a writer or an expert in a particular field. It can also be challenging to stay on track with your dream, map out your ideas, determine the specifics of your content, and get the work done. As well, cover design, aesthetics, editing and proofreading, making revisions, and so much more can sometimes stall your project or cause a sense of overwhelm. Having support for this major undertaking is often what makes the difference between success and a project that is never completed. As a published author with another book on the way, I can show you a process that allows you to cut your work in half and I can provide the support you need you feel confident and complete your labor of love. With most clients, the process requires that we set aside time for at least 3 sessions at various points in the process. However, if you simply require a road map, then one session may work for you. Book your consultative session today using the 'other services' link on the Book Online page. 

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