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Hypnosis For Healing


HYPNOSIS WORKS!!! The mind is a powerful energy force. It is either working for us or against us. Many of the challenges we face today stem from habitual patterns in the way we respond to our environment, our challenges, and the people around us. Often at the root of our problems are obstacles stemming from limiting beliefs, social conditioning, traumas, PTSD, and distorted ways of thinking and being in the world. Hypnosis gives us an opportunity to re-pattern, recondition, and rewire our lives. With hypnosis, we are able to tap into the part of our mind that is responsible for executing 95% of the ways in which we respond and process life--the subconscious mind. This part of our mind is so powerful that in order for us to experience the change we want to experience consciously in our lives, we must also deal with the vast part of ourselves. We are the sum total of all of our experiences, those things we are aware of consciously, those things that we have repressed, those things that we have yet to heal and those things we aren't even aware of at all. In our effort for total healing, hypnosis can provide an effective way to recondition your mind, create new synaptic connections, rewire your brain physically, push past what may have seemed to be insurmountable obstacles, and chart a new course in life. 

Research in the field of neurogenesis, epigenetics, and neuroplasiticity is proving that we as humans are at the center of what we experience in our lives. Our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs, our perceptions, our emotions, our responses to stimuli, and the way in which we process everything in any given moment determine our reality. This means that as vibrational fields of energy and experiences, we must address the core of that energy if we want sustained and significant change. Reiki healing, along with hypnosis provides an amazing pathway to personal transformation. As we deal with the subconscious mind, our most vast field of vibrational energy (in terms of impact), we are able to break patterns of self-sabotage, address the root our our behavior, stimulate new awarenesses, and begin attracting the kinds of experiences we are worthy of. Now is the time for change in your life. Now is the time to get to the root of your issues. Now is the time to feel better and to be better! Now is the time to book your hypnosis session!

Tunisia Ali is a Professional Hypnotist and specializes in Heart-Based Hypnosis protocols. This particular treatment model addresses body, mind, and spirit. It is a wonderful conduit to reiki and helps me to treat my clients faster and get even greater results when combined with reiki sessions. It works fabulously on its own as well. With this additional skillset, my clients are able to achieve greater breakthroughs and find their way back to wholeness in less time. Clients are able to see behavioral changes that extend far beyond what is normally accomplished in traditional models of therapy because we area able to work on a deeper subconscious level. This form of hypnosis is very effective with helping people to deal with addictions, anxiety, depression, weight issues, phobias, trauma and abuse, and so much more. 

Reprogram yourself for abundance and a prosperity mindset. Set yourself up for success and clear limiting beliefs and embedded issues of worthiness. Release your enslavement to past paradigms that no longer work for you. Consider purchasing a package of sessions that target a particular area of your life so that you have access to consistent sessions and programming around a central focus for all of your treatments. Give me a call today to inquire about what is possible for your particular situation. 678-438-6442. You are worth investing in yourself and your future, which you are building today. 

I encourage you to give it a try. If you are ready to try a more wholistic way to break through barriers and release blockages to health, prosperity, relationships, abundance and quality of life, this is for you. Book a combo session with reiki and hypnosis ($280), a standalone hypnosis session ($220) and even add an intuitive reading to your health and wellness plan. 

All sessions available for booking today!

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