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The Gateway to Your INNERVERSE

Plan early for Summer 2018!!! This intriguing Silent Meditative Yoga and REIKI Retreat is perfectly balanced to give you 'pause' but not keep you away too long. With 4 nights and 3 days, your convent sanctuary is just perfect!!  Isla Mujeres, meaning Island of the Women, is renowned for its invigorating properties and for its rich tradition of being a destination sought after for healing and transformation of the spirit and body. Explore and unleash your feminine energy on this extraordinary island. Isla Mujeres was voted by MSN as one of the best beaches for living. It is located approximately 8 miles off of the shore of the Yucatan Peninsula, near Cancun. Taking your sacred journey to this restorative oasis promises a personal paradise or sorts that you will never forget. 

Hidayah REIKI invites women to experience "The Gateway to Your Innerverse". Dance, sing, define your reality, express your inner vision, and pay tribute to your authentic self and life's passion. Embrace all that is boundless, timeless, dimensionless and leads to deep regeneration. If you are reading this webpage, you are being summoned away from your routine to embody the specialness that is uniquely you. When is the last time you did something for yourself? When was the last time you really stepped outside of your role as caretaker, 'dream-maker', mother, lover, counselor, supervisor, and/or some  other role(s)?

This luxurious retreat beckons your sensual pleasures and seduces the spirit within you that is yearning for the opportunity you deserve to just "BE". With an affordable payment plan, you can secure your trip months in advance of your actual travel date. All expenses are included in the package price, including your plane ticket and travel arrangements from the airport. You will have captivating views, lovely lodging (double occupancy/separate beds, but single occupancy rooms are negotiable for higher fees), gourmet meals, yoga excursions, and mini REIKI-sessions. A short course on 'Quantum Powerdigms', group life coaching sessions and other phenomenal experiences designed to balance your chakras and heal your auras are planned with you in mind. For an additional discounted fee, you may decide to participate in the REIKI level 1 course and receive your attunement- allowing you to begin self-treating and acting as a healing conduit for those you love. Bring  a friend, a mother, a sister or another special someone on this feminine excursion designed to delight your senses.  With so much to see and do, a central location to local activities and island expeditions, and delightful local culture, you are sure to find your niche!!


There are several payment plans available which begin as early as December 2018. The first mandatory payment designed to hold your place is $500.00. This fee is non-refundable. This payment must be made not later than February 28, 2018, but can be made earlier, as space is limited. If you make your first payment after this time, your first payment must be in the amount of $700.00 (non-refundable), and is payable not later than May 25th, 2018. The total cost of the retreat is $1,675.00. For late registrants (after April, 30th)an additional $300.00 fee may be added for traveling expenses (if applicable), if space remains available. A first payment prior to 2/28/2018 will save you $75 off the total cost of the retreat!​ You may also begin paying monthly as early as October, 2018. 


More details regarding the retreat will be forthcoming. I encourage you to check back with the website often for updated information. BOOK ONLINE NOW!! July 13th -17th, 2018


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