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Every relationship we have with people we care about, or pets, or even objects is essentially an energetic exchange of sorts. When we have relationships that are unhealthy in some way, excessive, or those that are characterized by a the exchange of negative energies, or a relationship that models a partnership where one person benefits at the expense of the other, a negative attachment is formed. This parasitic relationship is not without consequence. It begins a cycle of energy vampirism in some cases that can beset the giver with anxiety, a drain of energy resulting in fatigue, and other symptoms of dis-ease. As well, the victim in a situation like this can also find themselves with a negative attachment that is wreaking emotional havoc on them and almost causing them to feel that they have lost their autonomy. They may not be able to stop thinking of the person, or could be obsessing and feel "tied" to the person. 

In these cases, it's a good idea to consider a chord cutting ceremony by an experienced reiki practitioner or Master. In a chord cutting session, the practitioner can separate these energetic chords that can cause you to feel perpetually trapped and drained by the energetic connection you share with a person, pet, or even object. Schedule a chord cutting reiki session today in order to clear your auric field of the other person, pet, or object. Begin your journey to healing by booking today. 

It is critical to remember, that you must be ready to release this person. If you are still sending mixed signals or are not subconsciously ready to let this person go, a hypnosis session may be more appropriate in addition to a chord cutting ceremony. Attend our online class below for additional support. 

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