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Tunisia Ali's book entitled, 
Manifesting Your Masterpiece: Self-Coaching and Daily Mindset Reflections for Upleveling is available for purchase on Amazon.  Yay!! Also, the title, Radical Abundance: The Powerdigm Formula to Prosperity Consciousness and Wealth Creation is underway as well.  Stay tuned for the Manifesting Money Magic Journal and the Workbook as a companion to the bomb online course debuting at the end of 10.2019. Keep your ear to the ground for these provocative one -of-a -kinds!

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Tunisia Ali is a spiritual activist, Powerdigm Life Coach™ and Master REIKI Practitioner. Her mission is to empower the feminine energy dynamic within us all and unleash the creative power embedded within our souls to catalyze personal transformation. Tunisia is a part of the movement and awakening that is happening across the planet affecting the collective consciousness and compelling the release of antiquated patterns of thinking and behaving. Tunisia asserts that these primitive, denser, energetic operational modalities that have kept us separated from our true essence, steeped in fear and ignorance, no longer serve the greater good or our higher selves. She is applying this understanding across disciplines and using it to empower everyone she comes into contact with.

Tunisia is a degreed and professional educator with over 25 years of experience. As a graduate of Villanova University, and having attained her graduate degree in Education from Mercer University, she has been working with both children and adults in learning environments in the capacity of teacher, leader, facilitator, life coach, and spiritual wellness practitioner. Tunisia has been a successful heart-based entrepreneur for over 15 years. She owned her own school and tutoring company and currently has her own reiki and life coaching practice. Her offerings range from empowerment workshops to online webinars aimed at helping people live prosperous lives. 

In striving to enlighten all minds in the pursuit of spiritual wellness and intellectual curiosity, Tunisia has integrated her long-nurtured passion for alternative health therapies and holistic thinking paradigms into her practice. Tunisia sustains her studies in energy healing modalities and continues to synthesize current research on alternative healing strategies, quantum physics, and much more to assist overall health and wellness. Her passion is in helping people to reconnect with spirit and return to wholeness. She has been certified as a REIKI practitioner for over 6 years and has been practicing various other healing modalities such as aromatherapy, fasting, meditation, and more. Her involvement in holistic health paradigms, and encouraging those close to her to embrace alternative ways of living and being have transformed her life as well as the lives of others.

As a wellness practitioner, Tunisia offers private healing sessions, teaches private and group classes on a multitude of topics, delivers workshops for groups, and facilitates overall spiritual enrichment for those seeking to intensify their journey to self-fulfillment, purpose and personal transformation. Tunisia works with both children and adults. Pets are welcome to reiki treatments also. Reiki healing sessions can be conducted locally and from a distance, as can many other offerings. Spiritual readings assist clients in their journey towards greater self-awareness, increased intuition, and discovering their ambitions. Intuitive life coaching sessions provide the necessary inspiration, strategies and accountability to help people seeking to change their futures. With flexible pricing plans, there is no reason to wait. 

Begin your journey to personal transformation today! Call 678-438-6442.

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