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Hidayah REIKI provides an array of different services to include Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars, PATREON Membership, Classes, Hypnosis, Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring, Reiki and Tarot Readings, and Vision Board Bashes and Tarot Parties


Hidayah REIKI is about personal transformation and individual empowerment using your divine essence as a catalyst for enduring change. Hidayah means guidance and REIKI can be interpreted to mean spiritual energy or universal life force. Hidayah REIKI is about guiding you back to spiritual life force energy in order to have you embrace a more empowered way of experiencing life. Hidayah REIKI seeks to assist individuals in their personal sojourns towards the greatness that lies within us all. Hidayah REIKI provides an array of services that address your soul's evolutionary desires,  your need for greater self-awareness and fulfillment, and the world's need to have you to be all that you were created to be as a contribution and light to humankind. The following offers of service are provided: 

Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars:

Held ALWAYS on the 1st Saturday of each month, and sometimes on the 4th Sunday or another weeknight of each month for additional classes, these 1.5 -hour seminars are guaranteed to energize your journey towards self fulfillment. The 2020 Calendar for our Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars can be viewed here. Designed with the particular needs of the transformative woman, these workshops will deal with topics pertinent to spiritual empowerment, health and wellness, and living your authentic self. Opportunities for networking, take-aways and mutual discourse with like-minded individuals are sure to leave you inspired and motivated to stay the path!! See our 'book online' page for topics and registration. I encourage you to register ahead from the book online page. Attendance is always $20.00. Occasionally meetings are held on the 3rd Sunday of each month during major holiday seasons, etc. The Saturday meetings are always from 10:00am to 11:30am. As these sessions are short, please arrive on time. Please look in the classes section on the book online page to register. See Feminine Energy Empowerment Seminars (FEES).

Spiritual/TAROT & Oracle Card Reading:

Gain insight and clarity in charting your path in life with an energy soul reading designed to meet your unique quest for understanding. These readings (based on strong intuitive insights into your energy field coupled with your sincere intention to open up to divine guidance) will reinforce what you may already know, or highlight aspects of your life you need to give attention to, or even still--guide you to what next steps you must take in order to align with your higher self. These readings are highly accurate and reveal your innermost needs and the direction you must take and the issues you must consider in your areas of concern, such as love,  relationships, spirituality, career, personal transformation and much more. Frequently, these readings provide the catalyst for purging counterproductive patterns in your life and freeing yourself of things that no longer serve your highest good. A soulful reading can allow you to step into your light, embrace your truth, develop your intuition and become your best self. 

Women's Silent Meditatitve, Yoga and Reiki Weekend Retreats:

Hidayah REIKI is extremely excited to be offering our next retreat in the magical, mystical destination of Sedona, AZ and to Las Mujeres MEXICO. Home to 4 main energy vortexes and renowned for its ability to catalyze enduring transformation, the Sedona retreat is sure to be unforgettable. Uplifting and spiritually renewing, both retreats will give you the opportunity to grow by quantum leaps and bounds reconnecting with your inner self, your intuition and your higher purpose. You will not only learn and participate in an integrative mini-course on spiritual principles and redefining your reality ("Quantum Powerdigms"), you will receive chakra & aura balancing, yoga classes, a mini reiki treatment and so much more. Your accommodations will be pristine,  and the location of choice is rich with the most lovely of luxury comfort as well as natural, magical surroundings and inspiration. With afternoon check-in on Thursday, you will emerge Monday at check-out time ready to face the world again more relaxed, renewed, informed, and in-tune with your life's purpose and inner journey towards your authentic self. Join us for the 4 night and 3 day get-away of a lifetime. Register for either or both of these lovely retreats at our introductory rate and make plans to visit us again for our upcoming retreats. Future retreats will allow you to explore the outer borders of the U.S, in places like Cuba and Belize. Visit the website often for updates and location spots. Click the images above for more information. 

Reiki Sessions:

These sessions are designed to channel energy to your body to initiate your body’s own self healing. Depending on your concerns or my intuitive capacities, we will treat particular levels of your aura. You may discuss an area of concern or not. We can work in tandem with other therapies or conventional medicines and services you are currently receiving. Reiki will only enhance and improve your state of wellness. It never conflicts with other modalities, yet enhances other treatment plans assisting in your return to 'wholeness'. You will find REIKI to be an amazing experience and transformative experience and a spiritual gateway to metamorphosis. 

Chakra Balancing Sessions:

These sessions are designed to specifically balance your chakras and to also focus on particular concerns you may have. Physical and mental, emotional and spiritual maladies are associated with certain chakras. Health and wellness challenges are symptomatic of various states of imbalance within chakras associated with particular organs, glands, emotional issues, etc. There are multiple ways to balance chakras. You will benefit from a refreshing mix of strategies. 

Motivational Speaking  or Hosting Engagements and Mobile Workshops:

Seminars at worksites, medical institutions or other organizations can be organized and delivered. The 'Book Online' page has a standard 2-hour purchase option. Please call for specific pricing and availability.

Adult Reiki Level 1 Class:  (See the Book Online page or call for dates)
This class will focus on what Reiki is and how it works. You will learn briefly about the history of this healing art. As a complement we will endeavor into the multiple levels of the human aura and well as an introduction to the chakra system. Reiki hygiene will be highlighted.  Instruction on how to conduct a self-treatment and treatments for others, and associated hand positions and the attunements will be given (reiju). Students will give and receive treatments. Hibiki and byosen will be reviewed as well as other pertinent topics relative to treating others with reiki such as your own personal vibration, disclaimers and ethical considerations, setting of intentions, grounding, etc.  Students will receive an attunement and certificate. Receive more information about this class

Adult Reiki Level 2 Class:  (See the Book Online page or call for dates)

In the level 2 class students will will delve deeper into the chakra system and chakra balancing, explanations of the quantum field/physics that are pertinent to integrating and understanding of reiki and enhancing your ability to articulate this healing art to others in a concrete way. A discussion on shifts in paradigms that clients coming to you may present with or that students themselves may be experiencing -as higher energies enter the universe- will be briefly touched on. This will prepare students for discussions that may arise as you speak with your clients. Strategies for heightening vibrations, the use of singing bowls and other media and tools to enhance sessions will be discussed. Three symbols will be given along with the second attunement (reiju). Reiki distance sessions will be practiced. Receive more information about this class

REIKI Master Certification Course: (See the Book Online page or call for dates)
A quick review of all of the level 2 symbols and additional discussion of the chakra system will be conducted. The business aspects of starting your own reiki practice will be discussed, as well as teaching aspects of curricula, working with adult learners, and designing presentation material for courses, etc. The master attunement will be given along with the symbol. Practice time with the Master Attunement is included, along with a comprehensive manual for your reference. A suggested reading list will be given. Reiki treatments will be practiced. This is a  5-hour class. Students attending this course must possess Level 1 and 2 Certifications from Hidayah Reiki or another Master Practitioner.

Call prior to prepaying for course schedule. Receive more information about this class

Kids Reiki Combo (1 & 2 ) Class:  
This exciting hands-on class for young people will spark their interest and provide a launching pad for their use of reiki as a healing technique for themselves, friends, pets and family members. This class is particularly designed to “Enlighten Young Minds in the Pursuit of Spiritual Wellness and Intellectual Curiosity.”  Reiki will be discussed as a tool for relaxation, focusing, and self-awareness. Issues that children deal with related to school stress, peer pressure, and dis-ease will be touched on, and ways that reiki can be of assistance will be stressed. Additionally, the art of meditation will be introduced and practiced, as well as the use of affirmations and other ways to ‘seed” consciousness in a way lends itself to spiritual and emotional wellness for our young people. Children will have plenty of opportunities to experiment with the increased energy flow after the attunements, giving reiki to others, and learning to meditate. The 3 symbols will be given, along with attunements and fun practice. This is a 12-hour class that takes place over 3 days (1 day each weekend for 3 weeks). Each session will be 4 hours. This class is limited to young people between the ages of 8 to 17.

A minimum of 2 students must register. Call first to express interest in scheduling a class.

Intuitive Life Coaching  Sessions & Spiritual Mentoring:

These sessions are designed around the unique needs of each client, but involve coaching individuals, providing strategies and tools for assisting soul evolution and a return to balance, and introducing new paradigms for dealing with those elements of life participation that create imbalance. A client questionnaire will need to be completed prior to the appointment. Coaching and spiritual mentoring are different programs. Both include online and 1-to-1 support as well as individualization. Please see the Life Coaching page and the Spiritual Mentoring page for more information on your options. 

Cleansing Living or Work Spaces of Psychic Debris or Disorder Energy:

When you go into a place, you can sense an energy. Sometimes that energy is welcoming. At other times, it can cause you to shudder or even depress your mood. Although our 5 senses can only see denser matter, our spiritual eye picks up on lighter vibrations. Wherever people are, their energy vibration is present also. Energy inhabits all physical matter and our energy is present in those things around us. Everything you can see and cannot see has a vibration. Thoughts as well as air and everything else carries a frequency. The higher the frequency, the more peaceful and serene. The lower the frequency in a space, the more stagnate and dis-ease you may feel in that environment.

When people occupying a space have higher vibrations, access their higher selves more often and live with more peace, bliss and harmony, the environment is welcoming, calming, and nurturing to the spirit. Conversely, when people have high levels of disorder energy within, host activities and things within their homes that are not for the highest good of humanity, are hostile and negative, and carry a lot of familial dysfunction and chaos, it can be felt. Energy in homes such as these, contributes to a perpetual cycle of unhappiness, depression and disenchantment. It needs to be cleared!

Furniture, wall, ceilings, corners, etc. absorb this energy and it stays there contributing to a denser resonance. Reiki practitioners can assist you in raising the vibration in critical areas of your living space which will in turn lift your mood as well.

This service involves a visit to the clients site of interest in order to clear the environment of disorder or disharmony energy that may be present in the space. Raising the level of the vibration, by clearing denser energies and deposits left behind by the death of  a loved one, or members of a family moving out, etc. This service can also be helpful when you want to cleanse the energy of a new space that you are inheriting as a workspace or when moving into a new home or apartment. Energy clearing can provide you with added comfort, peace of mind and balance. After all, your home should be your sanctuary!

The basic  service is billed by the hour for one room. An energy clearing of an entire home or living space can be purchased at a reduced rate.

Tarot Parties and Vision Board Bashes:

Held on mutually agreeable dates, these rendezvous are guaranteed to energize your journey towards authenticity and stepping into your power to create the life you deserve-the life of your dreams.  Arrange a party or workshop for your girls group today or merely use one of these activities to a gathering theme you have already created. See more about what is offered here

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