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Make the decision to create lasting change today. If you are looking to find your path, discover your spiritual gifts, actualize your personal empowerment and become connected to your life force energy and the divine within you, a spiritual mentoring partnership may be for you. A spiritual partnership can take you from wherever you are in your spiritual journey to where you would like to go, giving you a fresh perspective on what is possible. Now is the time to step into the vision of  what your soul's intentions were for you upon inception. Perhaps your goal is to start a heart-base business but you somehow feel blocked or unable to get going. This mentoring package will assist you in understanding your spiritual journey or your divine life path, provide you with strategies to connect more to your inner self and what you seek to accomplish, and provide the support you need as you bring more light into your life and accomplish your objectives. Also critical to our spiritual journey is uncovering the attitudes, belief systems, and core operating system programs that are responsible for how we think, our behaviors, and our patterns. It is this deeper reality that is responsible for what we are creating in our life. Doing this inner work (sometimes called shadow work) helps us arrive at our motivations, our subconscious beliefs, and the energy behind what is showing up in our lives. Need just a single session?

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With the 3-month spiritual mentoring package, I provide the support and mentoring you need as you delve into your spiritual journey, discover your unique gifts or actualize what you believe is your divine life path and what it means to you. We begin the process of uncovering your soul's plan.  We shed light on how you might begin the integration process of making space for your spiritual development and your sacred purpose. We delve into the inner work that is required for your outer transformation. We explore healing areas of your life that may have prevented you from stepping into your personal power and living your best version, and you begin to view yourself as a channel for divine energies to move through you. In short, we delve into any area that you feel you need support with in order to actualize your goals and your soul's calling. After all, every spiritual journey is about getting into alignment with what gives us a sense of purpose and meaning.


With three months of support or more , you can become clear about where you are in your spiritual journey, your purpose and direction in life, and you can begin to address those areas that have held you captive and marginalized you. Begin to take the steps to connect to your Higher Self and soul's evolution. Free yourself to express the divinity within and to connect to your essence! Each client's goals are different and so an individual plan is developed that speaks to the unique needs and desires of each client. We deal with a wide range of concerns that include but are not limited to:

  • The Spiritual Journey

  • Exploring Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Starting Your Heart-Based Enterprise

  • Shadow Work/Inner Work

  • Understanding and Working with the Chakras

  • Starting your Heart-Based Enterprise

  • Exploring the Tarot

  • Self-Love and Worthiness

  • Fear and Confidence (Standing in Your Power)

  • Healing Your Money Blocks & Manifesting Abundance

  • Intuition & Developing Your Spiritual Gifts

  • Balancing Divine Feminine and Masculine in Relationship

  • Feminine Sexual Energy/Cord Cutting

  • Mindset Work

  • Raising Your Vibration

  • Visioning Your Life ) Passion and Purpose

The spiritual mentoring program involves 2 mini-reiki sessions. The client and I meet 'virtually' twice each month for one-hour mentoring sessions where we address a particular area of focus. Occasionally this schedule is modified and we meet every 3 weeks as the client begins to implement various techniques that assist with integrating the inner work with the outer reality. A client can add more sessions and we can meet according to a different schedule. Various tools and strategies are integrated to help you reach your goals. You as the client need only commit to your expanded awareness, spiritual development, and personal empowerment. This program also requires homework and implementation in between our sessions, which is a necessary part of your progress along your path and provides the support for your personal transformation.

Sign up today! You may pay in installments of $525 each month, or you may make one payment of $1415 to begin your evolution! I welcome you into my practice and it would be my pleasure to assist you in this divine undertaking! Start today. If you feel that consultative services on a as-needed basis are more of what you need, rather than on-going support, click here to find out more. I offer various consultative packages that can be individualized to cater to what your unique needs are. Let's work together!


To discuss further the details of my spiritual mentoring program, please give me a call at 678-438-6442. 

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