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Love is All There is....


Love readings are one of the most commonly requested readings. To encounter love is to know intimately- synchronicity, the  energy of God, and the merciful and interconnected cosmos in which we dwell. Love is an essential part of the human experience and it is something we cannot live without. Whether it is the kind of love we have for another, for ourselves, or the Creator or creation, it is the most high vibrational state of being and emotion in the cosmos. When love is absent from your life, you feel as though something is either missing, out-of sync, or you might even feel as though life is not fulfilling anymore. At it relates to relationships, we are born to be paired and can truly thrive in the world when we meet and settle with our divine life partner. In fact, at different points in our lives, societal expectations and our own personal and cultural practices can create an environment where our wholeness seems under attack if we are not paired or partnered with another. This can create a lot of pressure, longings, and unnecessary agony. Most importantly, a desire for physical love in our lives from a partner that we  sexually desire and wish to have a future with can cause us to make irresponsible decisions, betray ourselves, and repeat counterproductive patterns that continue to cause us to attract the same kinds of relationships over and over. On the other hand, attracting the right partner when you are ready can be a soulmate-enriching experience that has depths you could have never imagined. It can bring light, life, God-consciousness, and a truly divine experience into your life. Getting a love reading is a wonderful way to gain further insight on your love life. 

Enter a love tarot & oracle card reading. Among many things, a love reading can help you to gain clarity over the direction your love life is headed. It can empower you to make wiser and healthier choices by making you aware of the energy dynamics currently at play around you. Perhaps you need clarity on what is actually going on between you and your partner. What if you want clarity on the future obstacles that you will face with the partner? You might even want to take a closer look at what is causing the disconnect in your relationship. You may not even be in a relationship, but desire to know what's creating blockages to your finding love. Book a Love Reading NOW!






There are countless, unimaginable love situations that you might find yourself in at given time in your life and sometimes a bit of objective guidance and a gentle nudge in the right direction can make all the difference in the world. What is the best way for you to find love? Who is this new guy or girl you are entertaining and what might be some of his or her strengths or weaknesses? How will this relationship challenge your life? How will it bless your life? What key things do you need to know at this time to fulfill your highest desires? What if you are weighing two potential partners? Which is likely to be more compatible with long-term success? Are you and your lover on the same page when it comes to key concerns? What intentions does your lover have for you in the connection? Am I even fit for a relationship at this time? If you need more clarity on what is going on in your love life, how to reach your aspirations for true love, or how best to navigate a current dilemma involving your heart chakra, book a love reading today. 


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