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SILENT MEDITATIVE YOGA and REIKI Retreat in Mystical Sedona!

3 nights in luxury accommodations for only $745.00 
Early Registration $685.00
Hidayah's fall retreat to Sedona, AZ comes just in time for ushering in your goals for the fall. Get in tune with the seasonal cycles and allow this fall to be a time to glorify your inner being, honor your sacred need for self-care, and attune yourself to the pleasures and vibrational benefits of one of the most powerful vortexes of energy there is. Sedona is known for its powerful and mystical energy influences. It has long been a place traveled to for the amazing transformational affects it has on one's mind, body and soul. Escape into ecstasy, explore your innerverse, and   refuel your purpose and mission for passion-filled life.  This retreat will be rich with experiences that will allow you to connect with your inner essence, examine your emotions and thoughts, develop greater spiritual awareness, clarify your intentions and set goals that empower you to live the life you deserve. We will participate in life coaching workshops, mini-reiki sessions, yoga classes, meditation periods, and many other exciting and educational activities that will certainly inspire and motivate you in new ways. The retreat includes all healthy meals, beautiful room accommodations, and the total retreat experience. More information will be forthcoming regarding the location in Sedona. 
All of Hidayah Reiki's retreats are designed with the following goals in mind for women: 
  • To accommodate the innate need we all have to disconnect from the external world and explore the blissfulness of our INNERVERSE

  • Give women an opportunity to withdraw from their daily routines and turn inward

  • Allow women the chance to leave the familiar physical surroundings that often mire them in mundane tasks

  • Provide an outlet for rejuvenation and renewal of women's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

  • Inspire women to begin creatively connecting with that part of themselves that is powerful beyond measure

  • Enkindle within our participants the need to reexamine their values and whether or not they are living their passion

  • Inform and educate women of healthier powerdigms from which to view the nature of their realities

  • Motivate women to make the changes in their lives that will bring happiness, joy and bliss.

Hidayah REIKI accomplishes these goals by providing a destination that naturally inspires participants to see, appreciate, and connect with the beauty of the creation as well as connect with the beauty within . Hidayah REIKI provides a "clean eating" menu that raises the vibratory frequency of our attendees opening them up to a world of possibilities to detox as well as tap into deeper reservoirs and strategies geared towards balancing and raising energy levels. There are chakra balancing discussions and activities, mini-reiki sessions, yoga instruction, and other classes offered that enhance our participant's knowledge base and provide a creative format for not only the synthesis of new ideas, but  the purging of unhealthy ways of living or emotions, and the cleansing of the "temple". We invite all people, no matter their walk of life, to consider attendance at our retreats. Hidayah REIKI makes them as affordable as possible, offering payment plans. 

This retreat does not include airfare. Participants are encouraged to book as far in advance as possible in order to ensure the best rates. Hidayah REIKI will make sure you receive information that becomes available regarding particular deals on air travel. We will arrive on a Thursday for 4pm check-in and depart Monday morning for travel back home. You have the option of departing on Sunday afternoon. Retreat cost for 4 nights in luxury accommodations is only $745! Pay your $200 non-refundable deposit now to reserve your spot!!

Reserve your spot on the retreat by booking NOW! 

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