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Cleansing Living or Work Spaces of Psychic Debris or Disorder Energy:

There are many times when our  personal space feels yucky and we just can't figure out what it is. Sometimes it can be a result of people we have allowed to come into our homes. Other times it can be what has transpired in our home in the way of chaotic energy, death, arguments, etc. Even still, we may just need to feel a burst of lightness in the air after a divorce or once a loved one has moved out. Whatever the reason, it is time to clear the energy in your living or work space. Make the decision to clear psychic energy in your home or unwelcome spirits or low vibrations in your personal environment today. Book your energy clearing today. 

When you go into a place, you can sense an energy. Sometimes that energy is welcoming. At other times, it can cause you to shudder or even depress your mood. Although our 5 senses can only see denser matter, our spiritual eye picks up on lighter vibrations. Wherever people are, their energy vibration is present also. Energy inhabits all physical matter and our energy is present in those things around us. Everything you can see and cannot see has a vibration. Thoughts as well as air and everything else carries a frequency. The higher the frequency, the more peaceful and serene. The lower the frequency in a space, the more stagnate and dis-ease you may feel in that environment.












When people occupying a space have higher vibrations, access their higher selves more often and live with more peace, bliss and harmony, the environment is welcoming, calming, and nurturing to the spirit. Conversely, when people have high levels of disorder energy within, host activities and things within their homes that are not for the highest good of humanity, are hostile and negative, and carry a lot of familial dysfunction and chaos, it can be felt. Energy in homes such as these, contributes to a perpetual cycle of unhappiness, depression and disenchantment. It needs to be cleared!

Furniture, wall, ceilings, corners, etc. absorb this energy and it stays there contributing to a denser resonance. People who work with energy can assist you in raising the vibration in critical areas of your living space which will in turn lift your mood as well. There are many aspects that go into energy clearing a personal space. At the end of the day, you will feel better and sense a noticeable change. Although it is not a necessity, it is always better to clear physical debri first and declutter your physical environment as much as possible prior to a professional clearing. I will be happy to speak with you regarding setting up a time to clear your personal or professional space and raise the vibration making you feel brighter and lighter. Book your session today from the "Other Services" section of the 'Book Online' page. 

This service involves a visit to the client's site of interest in order to clear the environment of disorder or disharmony energy that may be present in the space. Raising the level of the vibration, by clearing denser energies and deposits left behind by the death of  a loved one, or members of a family moving out, etc. This service can also be helpful when you want to cleanse the energy of a new space that you are inheriting as a workspace or when moving into a new home or apartment. Energy clearing can provide you with added comfort, peace of mind and balance. After all, your home should be your sanctuary!

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