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Women are natural born healers. Healing circles have always been an instinctive part of our nature and practice. Although we have moved away from these more traditional practices, they still offer exponential opportunities for self-reflection, heightened levels of intuitive cognition, time for releasing what is no longer resonating with our divine life path, and so much more. Engaging these sorts of past times provide sisterhood, community, support, and spiritual enrichment on so many levels. Tarot Parties and Vision Board Worshops and Bashes are just a few of the services that Hidayah Reiki can customize for your gathering. As well, group chakra healing informational sessions, meditation instruction, manifesting money workshops, love and relationship sessions and so much more are provided on a continual basis for Hidayah Reiki clients and can easily be customized to fit the energy of your group and what you'd like to accomplish. Consider what your next event can provide for your guests in order to inspire them, impress them, and progress them!















Vision Board Workshops and parties are excellent way to energize your divine life path. Vision boards provide excellent opportunities for connecting with the energy of what you want to manifest in your love life, your health, travel, career, and finances. A vision board provides a very easy way to easily and vibrationally align with your goals for any area of your life.A vision board is a concrete, graphical, and emotionally appealing representation of the goals, desires, and aspirations that you have for your life. These goals and desires and aspirations are formed and take shape in one's mind first and then they come to life on a board with pictures, words, themes, milestones, etc. Visions boards are super fun to create. They are very therapeutic and give focus to what's important in your life. They serve as motivational and inspirational tools for connecting you to what you say and feel is important.


Vision boards are important energetic signatures which allow you to create things in the ethers using thought energy and then see these things begin to manifest in your world through spiritual principles such as the law of resonance, and the law of focus. Constructing a vision board with a group of people you are connected to creates a group synergy and powerful focus for tapping into your creative potential. BOOK a Vision Board Workshop or Bash for your group today under the "Other Services" section on the 'Book Online' page. The basic package starts at $500 for 2 hours. Depending on what else your particular group desires, we can add various other amenities onto this package, including basic materials for designing boards. Should you need  top-tier level materials , printer & supplies,  etc. provided, this will be an extra cost ranging between $350.00 to $725.00 depending on what you desire and the number of participants involved.



















The decision to book a Tarot Party for your group is an easy decision that you'll always be glad you made. Tarot and Oracle Cards as a divination tool have been around for centuries. Although these cards are tons of fun, they are also to be understood as powerful tools for self-reflection and can provide a pathway towards deeper levels of self-analysis and progress on our divine life path. Whether you are using tarot to enhance your spiritual awakening journey, tap into the energies around you, or divine your life path options, the Tarot and Oracle are awesome accessories for your deep-dive! We are energy and we emit a frequency that houses our energetic signature.  Our energetic signature carries information about our dreams, challenges, wish fulfillment, and so much else. We are all capable of tapping into this field upon sincere request and can receive divine messages and guidance when doing so. A tarot reading allows you to gain clarity, heal emotional blockages, receive another perspective on your situation, and initiate the rising to the surface of what may be in our subconscious (or underneath what we may be experiencing). Often, these readings are mere confirmations of what we already know, as all of our answers reside within us anyway. Tarot acts as a bridge between worlds. Tarot and Oracle readings  can be a lot of fun and can also act as a catalyst for moving our lives forward in ways we never imagined. Book a Tarot Party add-on for an event you are already organizing for your girlfriends or office staff or other group and experience the fun! Select the "Other Services" option from the 'Book Online' page and start the process for customizing your special day and booking your Tarot Card Party today. The basic fee for performance, which does not include individual readings, is $415.

I am located in the Metro Atlanta area and will travel to your nearby location as a part of the customized package. Call for plan details. Book your Tarot Party or Vision Board Bash or other workshop today!

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