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This year's 2020 calendar for our Feminine Energy Empowerment Courses includes an array of course content that will help you to focus on your Divine Feminine Energy and use it to shower greater love on yourself, heal yourself, and enhance your relationships with others, including your lover or partner as well. The topics chosen are designed to bring your awareness to many significant factors that contribute to your ability to nurture yourself and others via your innate love frequency. 

The classes will always be held on the 1st Saturday of the month between 10am and 11:30am, unless that day is a holiday. Occasionally, additional classes will be added to the calendar during the week and on Sundays. Check the site for updates. You need only bring yourself and an open mind. You can also invite a progressive friend. These classes are only $20. You may register here on the site, or you may send in your payment via Cashapp to $tunisiaali218. 

Love and relationships series 2020.png

First and foremost, we must truly embrace what it means to love ourselves. We hear  the self-love term a lot and may not fully understand how to truly nurture self-love beyond a superficial level. However, it is self-love that allows us to truly radiate the power and beauty of who we are from within. It is the quality of the relationship that we have with ourselves that allows us to really tap into our inner light, embrace our divine path in life, attract amazing relationships and enjoy true prosperity. So, it is from here that we begin as we journey to our relationship with forgiveness, our wombs, the way we communicate, and so much more. 

Join us as well in our 30-Day Self-Love Challenge and many other challenges in the loving and supportive environment provided for Patreon members. Patreon members receive access to exclusive content not found on any of my other platforms, book shares and discussions, weekly energy readings, meditations, discounts, and so much more. Click here to become a member today! Affirm, aspire, ascend, actualize!

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